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Non-isothermal Richards flow process coupled with deformation process in
porous media. It is for coupled thermal hydraulic mechanical processes.
The process variables for temperature, pressure and displacement.
If higher order elements (order=2) are chosen for the displacement variable,
the linear elements (order=1) have to be used for the temperature and
the pressure variables. That means to use the Talyor-Hood elements.
If the linear elements (order=1) are used for displacement variable,
they are used for temperature and the pressure variables as well.
Coupling scheme. So far, only the full monolithic scheme is available.
\copydoc ProcessLib::RichardsMechanics::RichardsMechanicsProcessData::initial_stress
A tag for enabling diagonal lumping of the mass matrix of the Richards equation.
\ No newline at end of file
\copydoc ProcessLib::RichardsMechanics::RichardsMechanicsProcessData::specific_body_force
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