Commit 9cfa61e5 authored by Dmitry Yu. Naumov's avatar Dmitry Yu. Naumov
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Merge branch 'AddErrorMessageToGmshInterface' into 'master'

[A/IO/Gmsh] Error msg for points that aren't part of a polyline.

See merge request ogs/ogs!4240
parents 62cd2655 a637ce00
......@@ -268,6 +268,27 @@ int GMSHInterface::writeGMSHInputFile(std::ostream& out)
std::stringstream error_messages;
for (std::size_t k = 0; k < _gmsh_pnts.size(); ++k)
if (_gmsh_pnts[k] == nullptr)
<< "The point at (" << *(*merged_pnts)[k]
<< ") is not part of a polyline, and won't be used in the "
"meshing as a constraint. If you want to include it in the "
"mesh please create a observation/measurement station for "
"the point and include it additional in the meshing "
auto const error_message = error_messages.str();
if (!error_message.empty())
OGS_FATAL("{}", error_message);
// *** finally write data :-)
GeoLib::rotatePoints(_inverse_rot_mat, _gmsh_pnts);
out << _gmsh_pnts;
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