Commit db74ada7 authored by Tom Fischer's avatar Tom Fischer Committed by Dmitry Yu. Naumov
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[NL/DOF] Remove comments that aren't necessary anymore.

parent 1a2b13ae
......@@ -335,12 +335,10 @@ void MeshComponentMap::createParallelMeshComponentMap(
"the order type of ComponentOrder::BY_LOCATION");
// Use PETSc with multi-thread
// get number of unknowns
GlobalIndexType num_unknowns = 0;
for (auto const& c : components)
// PETSc always works with MeshLib::NodePartitionedMesh.
const MeshLib::NodePartitionedMesh& p_mesh =
static_cast<const MeshLib::NodePartitionedMesh&>(c.getMesh());
num_unknowns += p_mesh.getNumberOfGlobalNodes();
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