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<MPL-Doc> add Documentation for SaturationExponential

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\copydoc MaterialPropertyLib::SaturationExponential::exponent_
\copydoc MaterialPropertyLib::SaturationExponential::residual_gas_saturation_
\copydoc MaterialPropertyLib::SaturationExponential::residual_liquid_saturation_
......@@ -24,14 +24,30 @@ namespace MaterialPropertyLib
* \details This property must be a medium property, it
* computes the saturation of the wetting phase as function
* of capillary pressure.
* Very simple capillary pressure-saturation relationship given by
* \f$s_{eff}=1-\left(\frac{p_{c}}{p_{c}^{ref}}\right)^{\lambda}\f$
* where
* \f$\lambda\f$ is an exponent
* \f$p_{c}\f$ is capillary pressure
* \f$p_{c}^{ref}\f$ is reference capillary pressure at which \f$s_{eff}=0\f$
* This property can mainly be used for testing. If the exponent is set to 1,
* the characteristic curve shows a linear dependence.
* Reference capillary pressure at which \f$s_{eff}=0\f$
class SaturationExponential final : public Property
const double residual_liquid_saturation_;
const double residual_gas_saturation_;
const double p_cap_ref_;
const double exponent_;
const double
residual_liquid_saturation_; /// Residual saturation of the gas phase.
const double
residual_gas_saturation_; /// Residual saturation of the liquid phase.
const double p_cap_ref_; /// Reference capillary pressure at which
/// effective saturation is zero.
const double exponent_; /// Exponent to govern the shape of the curve
SaturationExponential(std::string name,
......@@ -49,8 +65,6 @@ public:
/// Those methods override the base class implementations and
/// actually compute and set the property values_ and dValues_.
PropertyDataType value(VariableArray const& variable_array,
ParameterLib::SpatialPosition const& /*pos*/,
double const /*t*/,
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