Commit 375f334c authored by Tom Fischer's avatar Tom Fischer
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[PL] Fix bug in TimeLoop::outputSolutions.

For the staggered coupling some additional work has
to be done in the same scope of the remaining code.

The call to preTimestep uses internally Process::_coupled_solutions
which is a pointer to an object of type
This variable is set by setCoupledSolutionsForStaggeredScheme()
using the address of a *local* variable that will
be destroyed when the execution of the code is out
of the scope. For this reason the call to
preTimestep have to be inside the same scope.
parent a60a55e4
......@@ -894,7 +894,7 @@ void TimeLoop::outputSolutions(bool const output_initial_condition,
auto const& x = *_process_solutions[process_id];
auto& pcs = process_data->process;
if (output_initial_condition)
if (!is_staggered_coupling && output_initial_condition)
auto const& ode_sys = *process_data->tdisc_ode_sys;
// dummy values to handle the time derivative terms more or less
......@@ -914,7 +914,7 @@ void TimeLoop::outputSolutions(bool const output_initial_condition,
if (is_staggered_coupling)
if (is_staggered_coupling && output_initial_condition)
CoupledSolutionsForStaggeredScheme coupled_solutions(
......@@ -924,6 +924,24 @@ void TimeLoop::outputSolutions(bool const output_initial_condition,
auto const& ode_sys = *process_data->tdisc_ode_sys;
// dummy values to handle the time derivative terms more or less
// correctly, i.e. to ignore them.
double const t = 0;
double const dt = 1;
process_data->time_disc->nextTimestep(t, dt);
auto& x_dot = NumLib::GlobalVectorProvider::provider.getVector(
pcs.preTimestep(_process_solutions, _start_time, dt, process_id);
// Update secondary variables, which might be uninitialized, before
// output.
pcs.computeSecondaryVariable(_start_time, dt, x, x_dot, process_id);
(output_object.*output_class_member)(pcs, process_id, timestep, t,
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