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# OGS insitu-visualization with ParaView Catalyst
## Getting started
- ParaView insitu-build, at least commit [056de649](, and therefore Conan is not supported
### Build ParaView
git clone --recursive
mkdir paraview_build paraview_install
cd paraview_build
ninja install
### Build OGS
-DParaView_DIR=~/code/pv/paraview_install/lib/cmake/paraview-5.8 \
-DOGS_BUILD_PROCESSES=GroundwaterFlow ../ogs
**OR:** Build with [ogs-container-maker](
python ogscm/ --compiler_version 9 --ogs bilke/ogs@insitu-refactor --cmake_args ' -DOGS_BUILD_PROCESSES=GroundwaterFlow' --pm system --insitu -B -C -R
### Run benchmark
bin/ogs -o _out ../ogs/Tests/Data/Elliptic/cube_1x1x1_GroundWaterFlow/cube_1e1.prj
Open generated `cube_1e1_*.pvtp` in ParaView.
## How it works
See section `<insitu>` in `Elliptic/cube_1x1x1_GroundWaterFlow/cube_1e1.prj`. It defines Python scripts with visualization pipelines which are executed after every time step.
These python scripts can be generated with ParaView. See page 11 on the [Catalyst User Guide](
- Test parallel benchmark
- Live connection not working:
- Check for more syntax changes
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