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# 6.0.2
| Release planned 2015/06/15, [GitHub Release Link](
## Release notes
The second release of ogs6 introduces Neumann boundary conditions and VTK result output.
### Features:
- [Neumann boundary conditions](
- Implement mesh properties for storage of data fields. This also includes mapped values (e.g. based on material id) [PR #542](, [PR #644](,
- Refactored mesh property classes to [enable VTK output](
- Extended the available elements to quadratic (e.g. Quad8) based on generalized "element rules". [#572](, [PR #656](, [PR #657](,
- Extend computation of shape matrices to lower dimensional elements embedded in higher dimensional space [#655](
- Builds with MinGW (GCC) on Windows, see [Developer Guide]( and the new MinGW platform instructions
- [Cross-compiling for Windows with MXE on Mac OS](
- [Support for new cross-platform IDE CLion](
- Add gradual refinement to the structured mesh generator [PR #539](
- Add a command line tool "queryMesh" to search mesh information [PR #665](
- Add a command line tool "AddTopLayer" to add an additional top layer (for example a soil layer, see also the [documentation]( [PR #649](
### Fixes
- Performance optimizations in VTK mesh conversion, [PR #695](
- Improve layered prism mesh construction
- Fix a lot of warnings on gcc/clang/msvc compilers improving the code
### Infrastructure
- Test runtime is monitored at Jenkins for [normal]( and [nightly large tests](
- Utilities are build by separate Jenkins Jobs, e.g. [Win_Utils](
## Test examples
- [Groundwater flow (Neumann)](
## Next steps
### In development
- Heterogeneous fields (for e.g. hydraulic conductivity parameters)
- Octree data structures for fast searches
- OGS#PETSc interface for parallel computing
### Planned
- Parallelization scheme using PETSc library
- Extending the linear elliptic solver to non-linear problems
# 6.0.1
| Released 2015/03/02, [GitHub Release Link](
The 6th version of OpenGeoSys (OGS) is under way. After single and coupled FORTRAN modules in ROCKFLOW 1+2, the C version 3 with dynamic data structures, the object-oriented C++ parallelized version 4, completed with data integration and visualization tools by version 5; ogs6 - as an open source project - is aimed at performing on supercomputing platforms and providing complete workflows for solving of coupled multi-field problems in real world applications. The major paradigms of ogs6 are being developer-friendly, performing, and user-friendly.
## Important links:
- Getting started tutorial:
- Descriptions of selected benchmarks:
- Source code access:
- Developer guide:
## Release notes
The first version ogs6 is dedicated for elliptic problems.
### Features:
- Basic structures of processes
- Mathematical operations are based on Eigen3 library
- Linear solvers: DenseMatrix with Gauss elimination, and LIS (
- XML based IO
- Standard finite element method (FEM)
- Available element types: lines, triangles, quads, hexahedra
- Dirichlet boundary conditions
- Linear elliptic solver (e.g. Groundwater flow) for scalar quantities in homogeneous media
### Fixes
- DenseMatrix Gauss algorithm pivoting
## Test examples
- Example 1: Unit square (access)
- Example 2: Unit cube (access): has 1000 hexahedra elements with Dirichlet boundary conditions (u=1|x=0) and (u=-1|x=1)
## Next steps
### In development
- OGS#PETSc interface for parallel computing (02/2015*planned)
- Neuman boundary conditions (03/2015*planned)
### Planned
- Parabolic solver
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