Commit 4bf09b64 authored by Dmitry Yu. Naumov's avatar Dmitry Yu. Naumov

[PL/HM] Fix pressure interpolated for staggered.

Withouth the if-condition the interpolated values from the pressure process (0)
were overwritten by the displacement process (id = 1).
parent d4d93f79
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......@@ -524,6 +524,11 @@ void HydroMechanicsProcess<DisplacementDim>::computeSecondaryVariableConcrete(
double const t, double const dt, GlobalVector const& x,
GlobalVector const& x_dot, const int process_id)
if (process_id != 0)
DBUG("Compute the secondary variables for HydroMechanicsProcess.");
ProcessLib::ProcessVariable const& pv = getProcessVariables(process_id)[0];
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