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[web] Added docs on jupyter notebook generated web pages.

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date = "2022-06-28T15:28:13+01:00"
title = "Jupyter notebooks as documentation"
author = "Lars Bilke"
weight = 1025
parent = "development-workflows"
## The big picture
Jupyter notebooks in `Tests/Data` are automatically executed and converted to web pages in the benchmark documentation section.
## Add web meta information
Similar to regular web documentation pages the notebook requires to have a frontmatter with some meta information as the first cell in the notebook:
- Add a new cell and move it to the first position in the notebook
- Change the cell type to `raw`!
- Add meta information, conclude with a end-of-file marker (`<!--eofm-->`) e.g.:
title = "SimplePETSc"
date = "2021-11-09"
author = "Lars Bilke"
notebook = "Notebooks/SimplePETSc.ipynb"
parent = "elliptic"
## General advice
### Python cells
- See [Notebook testing]({{< relref "test-data#notebook-testing" >}}) for details on how to setup ogs execution (especially input data path handling) inside the notebook. See also the [SimplePETSc.ipynb]( as an example.
- Do not use machine-specific or absolute paths!
- Assume that ogs and other tools are in the `PATH`.
### Markdown cells
- Do not use HTML inside Markdown blocks.
- For image captions add a title in quotation marks after the image path, e.g.
![Alt text](./my_image.png "This will be the image caption.")
- Please note that in merge request web previews images are not shown at all.
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ aliases = ["/docs/devguide/documentation/introduction/"]
- Development related content such as developer guide, benchmark documentation, tools description, ... are simple Markdown files in e.g. [/web/content/docs](
- You can preview documentation locally with [Hugo]( – a static site generator (minimum version: {{< dataFile "versions.minimum_version.hugo" >}})
Benchmark documentation can also be given in form of Jupyter Notebooks, see [Jupyter notebooks as documentation]({{< relref "jupyter-docs" >}}) for details.
## Requirements
- Download [Hugo]( and put it in your `PATH`. **Attention:** Use the *extended* version: e.g. `hugo_extended_{{< dataFile "versions.minimum_version.hugo" >}}`
......@@ -128,3 +128,5 @@ find . -type f -iname '*.ipynb' \
| grep -vP '\.ipynb_checkpoints|\.ci-skip.ipynb$' \
| xargs python Notebooks/ --out _out
Notebooks [are automatically added]({{< relref "jupyter-docs" >}}) to the benchmark documentation page.
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