Commit 9aa87681 authored by Dmitry Yu. Naumov's avatar Dmitry Yu. Naumov
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[PL/PV] DS; Readd special case for all active elements.

Some parts of the code expect an empty set of active elements
if all of the elements are active.
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......@@ -286,6 +286,15 @@ void ProcessVariable::updateDeactivatedSubdomains(double const time)
// If none of the deactivated subdomains is active at current time, then the
// _ids_of_active_elements remain empty.
if (std::none_of(
begin(_deactivated_subdomains), end(_deactivated_subdomains),
[&](auto const& ds) { return ds->isInTimeSupportInterval(time); }))
auto const* const material_ids = MeshLib::materialIDs(_mesh);
auto is_active_in_subdomain = [&](std::size_t const i,
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