Commit efb36f0d authored by's avatar Committed by

[PL/BC] Improve error message.

parent 68a4f5af
......@@ -45,9 +45,11 @@ SolutionDependentDirichletBoundaryCondition::
if (bc_mesh.getProperties().existsPropertyVector<double>(property_name))
"Found mesh property '{:s}' which is the built-in property of the "
"Found mesh property '{:s}' in the mesh '{:s}' which is for "
"boundary assignment. This mesh property is the built-in property "
"of the "
"class SolutionDependentDirichletBoundaryCondition.",
property_name, bc_mesh.getName());
_solution_dependent_bc = MeshLib::getOrCreateMeshProperty<double>(
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