[ci] Added ogs-serial-jupyter container image.

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  • Adds Jupyter notebook example (taken from ogs6py README).
  • Adds a Docker container implementing a full Jupyter Lab environment with OGS and lots of Python tools.
  • Runs the notebook example by CI.
  • Freshly executed Notebook example is converted to and embedded into the website.

See docs preview.

See benchmark page created by notebook (images do not work here in preview)

Possible follow-ups:

  • Implement notebook output checks (vktdiff? in Python? Fail the build if check did not pass).
  • Refactor example notebook to use input file generators (Mesh, GML (@TomFischer)) and ogs6py to run a simulation completely without any pre-existing input files.

  • Closes #3193 (closed).
  • Related to owf/ogs#1, owf/ogs#3 and owf/ogs#4.
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