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Enable Python BCs in OGS Python wheels

Christoph Lehmann requested to merge chleh/ogs:pip-python-bc into master

Depends on !4318 (merged).

Many thanks to @bilke for assistance with library dependencies, testing and CI pipelines!

This MR enables the use of Python BCs and STs from OGS's Python wheels. This is a small step towards making OGS easy to use from Python, albeit a small step involving many changes.

What had to be changed?

  • Ironically, not linking to Python libs in the Python wheel build
  • Therefore, we cannot compile OGS as an executable in the wheel build. OGS will be used via @TomFischer's ogs.simulator module.
  • Accordingly, the embedded OpenGeoSys module for BCs/STs does not exist. Python BCs/STs have to use the new ogs.callbacks module, which has the same functionality, as a drop-in replacement.
  • The global project directory variable has to be cleared after each OGS simulation.
  • The global matrix and vector provider has to be cleared rather than destroyed.
  • The TCLAP command line parser must not exit the application but report the wish to exit (due to error or --help/--version flag) in another way.

Next steps

  • Run the entire ctest test suite for the wheel builds.
  • Getting rid of the global project directory variable.
  • Making the ogs.simulator module more robust. Currently it's very easy to get segfaults if you forget to check the status codes of that modules' functions.
  • Removing the global matrix and vector provider, thereby enabling multithreaded OGS invokations from Python 😵
  • Add documentation to the user guide once the ogs.simulator module has been made more robust.
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