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Originally we uploaded wheels for master-branch to test.pypi.org but we now hit the storage limit of 5 GB. One can manually remove older versions but this does not scale.

I switched to uploading to the GitLab integrated registry.

At first I did try this because all of the GitLab docs mention that you need an API access token for downloading from the registry (e.g. when doing a pip install). But this is only the case when downloading from a non-public repo.

In our registry there is no storage limit and we can cleanup older wheel versions programmatically via the API from time to time.

Usage will be

pip install ogs --extra-index-url https://gitlab.opengeosys.org/api/v4/projects/120/packages/pypi/simple

Release wheels will still be uploaded to pypi.org (and will install via pip install ogs).

TODOs after merge:

  • Run a wheel build on master
  • Adapt test notebook in wheel job
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