[web] First draft of the Beginner Guide

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This MR publishes a first draft of the Beginner Guide.

It contains:

  • introduction to project files
  • description of blocks in project files

tutorial guiding new users through the whole simulation workflow (from mesh creating to postprocessing of data) Moved to !4457 (closed)

  • description of some more advanced features

To discuss: 1. Merging with already existing blocks and sections in the User Guide Some content would fit nicely with existing pages (for example /docs/beginnerguide/project-file/project-file-intro is complementary with /docs/userguide/project-file). For now, all new content is placed in a separate folder (/docs/beginnerguide/), but at a later point, it may be a good idea to move parts of it to other places on the webpage. This was already done in commit bd914b77

TODO: Add list of missing content This will be done in a separate MR in the future. !4450 (merged)

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