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[partmesh] Renumber bulk node IDs of the bulk mesh

wenqing requested to merge wenqing/ogs:partmesh_update into master

The current partmesh ignores the case that a bulk mesh has a property of bulk node IDs (#3381 (closed)). This MR fixes #3381 (closed). Since the change uses the existing function, there is not unit test included. The benchmark of MR !4486 (merged) will use this new feature of partmesh, in which the bulk mesh are assigned with bulk node IDs in order to prescribe Dirichlet boundary conditions.

  1. Feature description was added to the changelog

  2. Tests covering your feature were added? The partitioned nodal property data file of an existing benchmark, partmesh_mesh_with_field_data_without_ip_data_ogs2metis, is updated. The mesh of that benchmark has bulk node ID property.

  3. Any new feature or behavior change was documented?

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