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......@@ -43,9 +43,18 @@ With `devtools`, you can now install `r2ogs6`.
# Install r2ogs6. Change the path to that of the cloned repository!
# Alternatively, install directly from the Gitlab repo:
This will install all necessary R dependencies.
This will install all necessary R dependencies except `rhdf5`.
This package is needed to handle *hdf5* output files and can be installed via:
install.packages("BiocManager") # install BiocManager from CRAN
BiocManager::install("rhdf5") # install rhdf5 from
If `r2ogs6` is installed or loaded via `library()`in interactive sessions e.g. in RStudio, the package will check if `rhdf5` is available in the library and if not, ask the user to install it automatically. If installing `r2ogs6` in a script e.g. via `R -e devtools::install_git("")` make sure to include the manual installation of `rhdf5` as above in your script.
## Usage
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