[test] add ci pipeline

[ci] install_deps() and cache

[ci] python dependencies

[ci] run only on merge requests

[ci] implement cache for speed

[ci] python library cache try2

[ci] python library cache try 3

[ci] debug

[ci] debug2

[ci] set R library path

[ci] change R lib variable name

[ci] try cache for r-miniconda

[ci] mkdir only if directory does not exist (prevent overwriting cache)

[ci] variable for python env

[ci] see if variable can be set in R session


[ci] creating reticulate python libraries is a mess

[ci] check if miniconda dir exists

[ci] check if vtk is available

[base] add foreach into imports, as it is causing the error

debug "cannot create directory"

mkdir -p

install deps without if

test pipeline on other frontend

specify dependency directory
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