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[web] Added an description of the benchmark about 2D mesh in 3D space

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title = "2D inclined mesh in 3D space"
date = 2020-09-29T12:05:40+02:00
project = "Parabolic/LiquidFlow/2Din3D/2D_in_3D.prj"
author = "Wenqing Wang"
parent = "liquid-flow"
weight = 101
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## Problem description
This benchmark is used to test a functionality of ogs to perform local assembly
in inclined elements in the geometry space.
An inclined element refers to 1D element in the 2D space or the 3D space,
or 2D element in the 3D space.
The functionality is applied to all non-deformation processes.
The benchmarks simulates the hydrostatic state of an inclined domain with zero
pressure on the top boundary. The result of the pressure is shown in the
following figure:
![](../2Dmesh_in_3D_p.png "")
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