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......@@ -81,3 +81,31 @@ Singularity ogs-6.2.2-serial.sif:...> exit
* `singularity exec --app ogs ogs-xxx-gui-xxx.sif DataExplorer`
You may use this container on e.g. `envinf1` with X11 forwarding (`ssh -XY envinf1`).
## With Docker
Although Singularity is the preferred container runtime you can use [Docker]( too.
### Prerequisites
* A running [installation of Docker](
### Run OGS inside a Docker container
* Get the container: `docker pull`
* Start interactive container session: `docker run --rm -it`
* Run ogs: `/scif/apps/ogs/bin/ogs --version`
* Exit the container: `exit`
You will notice that the interactive session in your container is isolated from your host, i.e. you do not have access to files on your host. You need to explicitly [mount]( them on `docker run`:
mkdir ~/ogs_out
docker run --rm -it -v $HOME/code/ogs6/ogs/Tests/Data:/tmp/data:ro -v $HOME/ogs_out:/tmp/out
/scif/apps/ogs/bin/ogs -o /tmp/out /tmp/data/Elliptic/cube_1x1x1_SteadyStateDiffusion/cube_1e4.prj
ls ~/ogs_out
# [shows ogs generated output files]
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