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Time dependent excavation

Extending the currently time interval controlled subdomain deactivation by fine grained time curve control.

Review commit-wise.

A little cleanup in the beginning, then changing time intervals to curves. At the end introducing curves and line segments for the fine grained control.

The test is testing both features (time intervals and time curves with line segments) simultaneously, first, a tunnel is "excavated" at once (time interval), then back-filled slowly using time curves.

The following curve shows development of the vertical displacement over time:

  • t \in [0, 0.5] --- no excavation, just verification of initial stress (no displacement <=> equilibrium).
  • t \in (0.5, 1] --- large excavation of whole domain with material id 1.
  • t \in (1, t_{\rm end}] -- slow back-filling of the tunnel over time with two different velocities. displacement_z_over_time
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Edited by Dmitry Yu. Naumov

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