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[ci] Refactor notebook testing

Lars Bilke requested to merge bilke/ogs:refactor-ci-jupyter into master

Before: Notebooks were run in build jupyter-job inside a container with PETSc-config.


  • Notebooks are run in build linux arch (serial config)
  • Some notebooks are run in build linux petsc (petsc config)
  • Jupyter container are build on master-only (in container-job)
  • Feedback on Notebook tests are much faster!
  • Notebook tests have to be added to ctest by using NotebookTest() CMake function (are active when OGS_USE_PIP=ON)
    • Therefore notebooks are executed also on other platforms (had to disable Linear_Disc_with_hole_convergence_analysis on Windows because it did not run in CI (no ogs output) and I could not reproduce the error)
  • Added new job test notebooks via wheel which runs the notebooks with a specific OGS pip package (see requirements-ogs.txt)


  • Notebook requirements were moved to Tests/Data/requirements*.txt (from versions.json)
  • Refactored notebooks to use an output directory for all outputs (separates from source-directory)
  • Refactored docs on notebooks a bit
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