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[FileIO] XYZ raster reader

Karsten Rink requested to merge rinkk/ogs:XyzReader into master

Adds import functionality for XYZ raster files.
(One of the most redundant file formats I've ever come across but it's used by state offices.)

My gut feeling is that my algorithm is unnecessarily convoluted but I cannot come up with something better right now. Here's a short snippet of what XYZ-files look like, so if you have any ideas, pls let me know:

485000.0 5493000.0 369.667
485001.0 5493000.0 369.983
485002.0 5493000.0 370.035
485003.0 5493000.0 370.056
485000.0 5493001.0 369.490
485001.0 5493001.0 369.646
485002.0 5493001.0 369.828
485003.0 5493001.0 369.713

(It's basically an endless list of (x,y,z) coordinates without any header. So you have to determine all relevant information on the fly while reading the file.)

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