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PETSc CMake fix and updated juwels modules

Lars Bilke requested to merge bilke/ogs:petsc-cmake-fix into master


There is no PETSc module availabe (yet), CPM

  • request to juwels support: --> PETSc now in work 3.18.5


CMake then may spawn as many processes as available, but this will overload the filesystem on JUWELS.

  • It is therefore necessary to limit the number of processes with CMAKE_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL export CMAKE_BUILD_PARALLEL_LEVEL=6 is added


  • VTK (9.2.5) is not compatible with the MPI version of HDF5 (1.12.2)
  • VTK has its own implementation of a (serial!) HDF Reader and Writer
  • do not 'module load VTK/9.2.5' build VTK via CPM

OpenMPI instead of ParaStationMPI (temporary workaround)

LAPACK can not be loaded with ParaStationMPI

  • request to juwels support (wip)
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