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Added generic numerical differentiation algorithm

Christoph Lehmann requested to merge chleh/ogs:num-diff into master
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How to use

NumLib::NumericalDerivative<NumLib::CentralDifferencesStrategy> deriv{

auto const [dfdt, dfdxy, dfdz] =
        deriv(&fNumDiffVectorial, t, Eigen::Vector2d{x, y}, z);

Should work with all functions (plain functions, function objects, lambdas) that take double values or Eigen (column) vectors as input and return values with basic arithmetic capabilites (subtraction and division), e.g.:

struct NumDiffXY
    NumDiffXY(double x, double y) : x{x}, y{y} {}
    explicit NumDiffXY(Eigen::Vector2d const& xy) : x{xy[0]}, y{xy[1]} {}

    NumDiffXY operator-(NumDiffXY const& other) const
        return {x - other.x, y - other.y};

    NumDiffXY operator/(double a) const { return {x / a, y / a}; }

    double x;
    double y;
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