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MFront internal state variable initialization from project file

Before this option the internal state variables were initialized through dummy "material properties". This is now avoided. The syntax in the project file is

        <state_variable name="PreConsolidationPressure" parameter="InitialPreConsolidationPressure"/>
        <state_variable name="Porosity" parameter="InitialPorosity"/>

All processes but LIE (which does not handle initial values at all) were updated.

Known drawbacks/unimplemented things:

  • In the evaluation of the parameters the time is set to zero. Might be incorrect in restart. Needs extensive modification of whole call-chain from the very top of the time loop. Another MR?
  • Evaluation and setting of the internal state variable properties is not very efficient due to repeated searches. Can be improved.
  • Some code duplication happened in the CreateMFrontGeneric.cpp and I try to add few more commits to reduce it, but it will change unrelated code parts. Another MR?
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