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Reset integration point data by materialIDs

wenqing requested to merge wenqing/ogs:reset_ip_data into master

This MR presents a project option to reset integration point data by materialIDs. The new input parameter specifies material IDs for resetting the integration point data. For the elements with the specified material IDs, their double-type integration point data are set to zero. It can be used for a restarted simulation with reactivated elements,e.g. backfilling simulation.

Here is an input example

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?>

    <zero_mesh_field_data_by_material_ids> 4 2 10 </zero_mesh_field_data_by_material_ids>

A unit test with 2D and 3D meshes is added for the implementation. The following figure shows the reference results by the new feature:

  1. 2D mesh with two materials, reset IP data in the material group with the hole.

sigma_ip. Left: before resetting, right: after resetting

epsilon_ip. Left: before resetting, right: after resetting

  1. 3D mesh with four elements with different element types and materials
  • reset the elements with material IDs 0 and 2:

Left: before. Right: after reset3D_1

  • reset the elements with material IDs 1 and 3:

Left: before. Right: after reset3D_2

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