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RTP Acceleration Step 2: Compute linear solver only upon timestep change

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The linear solver computation, i.e., LU decomposition or preconditioner initialization, only has to repeated if the global matrix changes. This MR adds a flag <linear_solver_compute_only_upon_timestep_change> to the ComponentTransport process, which does exactly that (in conjunction with the recently added <is_linear> flag.

This option, however, is somewhat dangerous and adds some caveats to the already dangerous <is_linear> flag, namely:

  1. Some BCs (Robin, Python) do or might modify the global matrices. Therefore, BCs must not be time dependent if used together with the <linear_solver_compute_only_upon_timestep_change> feature.
  2. No two processes must share the same linear solver, each solver must have a dedicated linear solver. Otherwise OGS might compute garbage without being recognized.


  • add test with changing timestep size
  • write docu
Edited by Christoph Lehmann

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