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[PL/TRM/TRF] move vapour properties to gas phase

joergbuchwald requested to merge joergbuchwald/ogs:TRM_TRF_components into master

To simplify the switching between processes, especially TH2M <->TRM/TRF, several properties move to a gas phase. I also wondered whether it would make sense to add components. However, 1) TH2M does not necessarily use components (if no phase transition is considered) 2) it would complicate the input file structure significantly with only, given the fact that only one component / phase is considered in TR processes. An alternative approach could be to allow for both component(s) and no component in the project file, but this makes it relatively complicated on the implementation side as components and phases are of different types. Opinions and suggestions are welcome on this issue, -> component handling, perhaps in a later MR.

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