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[LIE/HM] Improve output

wenqing requested to merge wenqing/ogs:2nd_var_output_LIE into master

In the existing LIE/HM, the output for all variables are element-wise.

Here are changes:

  1. added nodal output of matrix fluid velocity, stress and stress (extrapolated and vertorized),
  2. added nodal output of fracture aperture, fracture permeability, fracture stress, and fracture permeability,
  3. remove the output local displacement jump w, which is just a rotation of the displacement jump in the global coordinate system.

Other changes:

  1. Enabled to use linear elements for M process, i.e non Taylor-Hood element.
  2. Added a missed restriction for no negative aperture value.

A Python script has been prepared and attached here for updating the project file: To use this script, one has to update ogs6py with my changes (click here). The usage of the script: python [input file] [output file]

Output changes:

  • New: Nodal secondary output
  • Component-wise element variable output to vectorial element variable output:
    • stress_?? --> sigma_avg
    • w_n, w_s, w_s2 --> local_jump_w_avg,
    • f_stress_s, f_stress_n, f_stress_s2 --> fracture_stress_avg.
  • renamed other element variables for output :
    • k_f --> fracture_permeability_avg
  • removed:
    • nodal_aperture --> replaced with the new extrapolated nodal aperture.
    • nodal_w (jump in the local coordinate system). It is unnecessary to calculate and output this nodal variable.
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