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[Parameter] Local coordinate system containing implicit bases

wenqing requested to merge wenqing/ogs:transvers_coord into master

With this MR, implicit bases are introduced into the local coordinate system. With implicit bases, the local coordinate system requires only one input parameter: a unit direction vector. In the computation, the unit direction parameter is assigned to the third base {\vec e}_2. An arbitrary unit vector orthogonal to {\vec e}_2 is selected for the second base {\vec e}_1, and the first base {\vec e}_0 is calculated as {\vec e}_0 = {\vec e}_1 \times {\vec e}_2.

It can be used for the computation in the transverse isotropic material models, where the unit normal to the transverse plane can be input as the unit direction vector for the local coordinate system.

Besides, this MR also adds the missed unit tests for the function to create CoordinateSystem instance.

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