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Flux output for multi-component simulations (ComponentTransport) & Fix of flux output

Christoph Lehmann requested to merge chleh/ogs:ct-multiple-molar-fluxes into master

In this MR

  • Molar/mass flux output is implemented for every chemical species in the ComponentTransport process.
    Species c will have a flux output called cFlux (this is an extrapolated secondary variable coming with the usual extrapolation artefacts).
    This is tested with an existing 6-nuclide decay chain benchmark.
  • The secondary variable molar_flux is removed.
  • The flux output computation is fixed. It contained an excess factor porosity for the diffusive flux.
    Only the flux output computation was wrong, the FEM assembly was/is correct.
    This is tested with four simple steady-state examples of advection/diffusion/advection-diffusion/advection-diffusion-reaction


  • first two commits → implementation
  • then a few commits augmenting the existing six nuclide decay chain benchmark with molar flux checks
  • then a commit changing pre-commit and ruff configs a bit (to the better I hope)
  • then some commits testing the fixed mass flux output (steady-state with spatially homogeneous molar flux or a constant-slope molar flux) for advection/diffusion/reaction against analytical solutions
  • finally two commits updating other existing test cases


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