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THM/RM Multi-material restart for MCC-type models

For advanced material models with evolving (elastic and inelastic) material parameters, the evaluation of the elastic stiffness tensor usually depends on the internal state. This is now considered in the processes THM and RM. The bulk modulus is calculated from the elastic stiffness tensor (C_el). For this, the material model was evaluated at a full null state (all state variables zero). Now, the current state is used, only sigma and epsilon are zero tensors.

Several tests have been added for the Modified Cam Clay (MCC) model. Here, the previous plastic deformation must be taken into account (evolving parameters pc0 and v0):

  • Test RM mfront_restart_part1.prj, ~part2.xml demonstrates a successful restart/state transfer for RM
  • Test THM RestartMCC/mfront_restart_part1.prj, ~part2.xml successful restart/state transfer for THM
  • Test THM MultiMaterial/DP_MCC/TM with time time overlap in the restart simulation: testing accuracy of restart simulation
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