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Refactored Eigen / MKL / OpenMP setup

Lars Bilke requested to merge bilke/ogs:mkl-openmp-serial into master

Introduced new CMake option OGS_EIGEN_PARALLEL_BACKEND which is OpenMP by default. When using OGS_USE_MKL=ON then the backend is MKL.

Removed options:


Please note when using OGS_USE_MKL=ON you can also set OGS_EIGEN_PARALLEL_BACKEND=OpenMP.

Also please note that when OGS_USE_MKL=ON and OGS_EIGEN_PARALLEL_BACKEND=MKL the OpenMP-parallelized assembly gets disabled!

Applies logic from !4156 (merged) to serial configs too. Also updated Eigen to a recent master commit (there is no new released version yet).

May fix #3462 (closed).

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