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[web] Process documentations

Feliks Kiszkurno requested to merge felikskiszkurno/ogs:docs-processes into master

Added drafts of documentation pages for THM and TRM processes.

To discuss:

  1. Work in progress label
  2. Shared contents

Ad 1. It will probably take a long time before documentation will be 100% complete for all processes. Therefore I would like to propose adding pages to official docs as soon as there is any useful content available and marking them with a "Work in progress"-note (see TRM and THM pages in this MR). This way users will be ensured that though incomplete, the content is valid and the contributors will have an overview of what part of the content is still missing.

Ad 2. Some content applies to multiple processes (e.g.: tag <type>EffectiveThermalConductivityPorosityMixing</type>). In this draft, THM and TRM processes link to a separate page describing the usage of that tag. This kind of shared content may need be handled better. include the shared content via a new Hugo shortcode {{% include "../../shared-content/" %}}.

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