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[MPL] Adding IAPWS model of thermal conductivity of water to MPL

This MR adds IAPWS model of the thermal conductivity of water to MPL.

Based on this document published by IAPWS.

Some basic testing was done and the results are correct so far. But I will do more of them before this MR will be finalized.

The new files in this commit are refactored/modified versions of the implementation of IAPWS model of the viscosity of water developed by @wenqing (added in commit 3ef54707).

  1. Feature description was added to the changelog
  2. Tests covering your feature were added?
  3. Any new feature or behavior change was documented? (in Doxygen and in draft of web docs (commit d9b81bec)

Windows compilation fails due to time out, I am not sure why.

Edited by Feliks Kiszkurno

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