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[MeL/IO] HDF5: Specify chunk size in bytes

Tobias Meisel requested to merge TobiasMeisel/ogs:chunk_size into master


  • Simulation stopped at Output section (when using XDMF and HDF5) when having
    • large datasets and large number of simulation steps combined.
    • 1e6 cells, 240000 points over 8100 steps.

Fixes in this MR

chunk size bytes parameter for performance tuning (only needed for HPC)

  • Introduction of chunk_size_bytes parameter as consequence of studies on Taurus together with Holger Brunst
  • Changes haven been to be studied on Taurus using ScoreP. All details in overview: Ogs-isc-poster-2023.pdf. Still open after this MR is addressing the problem of "static file size" described in the paper.

Writing metadata collectively

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