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Enable long paths in executables on Windows

Lars Bilke requested to merge bilke/ogs:win-long-paths into master

Finally ... 🎇

But unfortunately still requires registry setting. Details:

Was tested manually with:

..\build\release\bin\AddElementQuality.exe `
  -i C:\Users\gitlab\gitlab\_b\bg4d5s_d\0\owf-internal\thedi-workflow\Results_Clay_Opa_rvsu_gzme_2D\hostrock-GzME_Opalinuston_dim-2_invtype-DWR-MOX_depth-450_gtgradient-0.03_loading-1.0_deltat-3153600_endt-3153600000_refinement-0\mesh\Mesh_physical_group_Canister_FuelBasket.vtu `
  -o test.vtu -c ElementSize

Also deleted a duplicated troubleshooting web entry.

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