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[LIE/M] Improve output

wenqing requested to merge wenqing/ogs:impr_LIE_M_output into master

Following up !4851 (merged), this MR modifies the output of LIE/M such as to enable

  • vectorial output of stress and strain.
    • sigma_?? --> sigma
    • epsilon_?? --> epsilon
  • output of nodal fracture aperture and nodal fracture stress,
  • vectorial output of the element average fracture stress and local jump.
    • w_n, w_s, w_s2 --> local_jump_w_avg,
    • f_stress_s, f_stress_n, f_stress_s2 --> fracture_stress_avg.

A Python script,, is attached for updating the project files. It can be run in a console as python [input file] [output file].

This MR fixes #3454 (closed).

  1. Feature description was added to the changelog
  2. Tests covering your feature were added? Yes. Note: In the reference data to the benchmark cohesive_zone_load_path.prj, the data fracture_stress_avg.Y is confirmed to match the analytic solution of normal fracture stress, which was stored as f_stress_n in the old reference file.
  3. Any new feature or behaviour change was documented?
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