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TH2M constitutive relations refactoring

Dmitry Yu. Naumov requested to merge endJunction/ogs:Th2m-CR into master

Continuation of the epic sequence !4951 (merged) !4960 (merged) !4969 (merged) !4976 (merged)

Runtime has improved. Compared to the state before the aforementioned MRs (fd0b1ae7) the heatpipe-rough ctest improved from 113.100 +- 0.114s to 96.486 +- 0.277s, around 14%. Half of the improvement comes from the last commit "[PL/TH2M] Extract Bu^TmN and N^T*N products"; here the runtime is 105.528 +- 0.229s.

Compilation times (recompilation of only) improved as well:

user system total
before changes (fd0b1ae7) 294.80s user 7.30s system 132% cpu 3:48.46 total
Extract ... products 278.01s user 8.96s system 191% cpu 2:30.24 total
this MR 267.69s user 9.00s system 199% cpu 2:18.53 total

Almost no memory consumption changes are observable in the heatpipe-rough ctest. Very small increase in number of allocations, in evaluation of MPL properties (less than 0.02%).

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